Un canal en Hollande

Among my great grandmother's paper I found a small drawing from one of her friends. It's called "Un canal en Hollande" and I think it's lovely. It was made in 1885. I took a photo of the drawing and transferred it in size 4" x 6" to silk paper which I had made from silk cocoons. Then I put it on a piece of ice-dyed linen dyed this summer by me. I think the blue and brown color works well with the water in the canal. I have made small stiches around the picture and have used thin batting and backing. The quilt is put on black acrylic painted canvas. As the day has turned into evening now there is no daylight, I will try to take a better photo another day.
"Un canal en Hollande", 10½" x 13½" (Photo taken Dec 2)

This is written in English as I will link to Nina Marie Sayre's Off the Wall Friday, visit her blog and take a look at all lovely artquilts


  1. Wonderful tribute to your great grandmother!

  2. This is beautiful. A special way to use something that has been around so long. Now others can enjoy it.
    Sandy in the UK

  3. Such a lovely way of combining the old and the new, and creating a memory.

  4. Lovely commemorative! Beautiful.


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