8 februari 2013

Printing on fabrics

My drawing

I've been busy preparing for my Master Class subject, and I will work with a series of "Flowers". In Quilting Arts Magazine Aug/Sep 2012 I read an article "Creating a series of mini-canvas screen prints" by Margaret Applin. As I had just attended a workshop in thermoscreening I was interested to know more about the process of using Photoshop to create layouts. I draw a picture and from this picture I created a brush in Photoshop. The problem was how to print on fabric. I ironed very delicate linen to freezer-paper and used an HP Photosmart C5180, but I had paper jam. I tried a couple of times without any success but finally I decided to change the HP writer from ordinary paper into envelope-printing and finally I did it!
Test printing (detail)

Printing on natural linen using two different brushes
I also created an acrylic painted black square in another brush and used the brushes together in a printing on natural linen, it was great! But this is just the start of it, now I will use my printings in quilts with embrodery, painting or what ever will be suitable.

Peony, thermoscreen
And what about the thermoscreen? We had a very nice workshop and I had asked them to make a screen film from one of my photos, a peony. This is also something I can use in my quilts and I will order some more screens, both pictures and handwritten text.

Finally, there might be a problem for me to have my quilt at the exhibition  "Creative Threads - From Afghanistan to Europe" in Paris next week. I have heard from the organizing committe that it is too big, I have mixed up the measures. It is disappointing but we will go to Paris any how.

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  1. I've enjoyed this post as I have thought about printing on fabric. Your results look great--lots of possibilities. That show sounds great in Paris. Hope you'll post some photos!
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Flott og inspirerende. Gøy og leke seg litt på denne måten.

  3. ohhh that's disappointing about the measurements! But its understandable since the rules can be so complicated sometimes! I love making flower quilts too!! I'll be starting my lily quilt in march!


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