Making triangels

I'm still planning for my quilt "Shimmering triangels", it's really a bit tricky with the fabrics. I have covered a wall in the bedroom to have a good view when planning for the traingels.

I have also finished a crib blanket made from left-overs. It's for a friend's grand-son, hope she will like it.

It's Friday so I link this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday.


  1. m

    I am sure she will, who would not?☺

  2. Hi!!!! I am lovin your shimmering triangles!!!! Very pretty@@@

  3. I am intrigued by the peep at your shimmering triangles - will be watching to see where it goes :-)

  4. Vera, I think your shimmering triangles are really lovely: rich and complex. And I think the baby quilt is an inspired mix of spots and stripes, restrained and lively at the same time.


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