A small one

I've just finished my first quilt in 2015, just a small one and yet not mounted. The photo isn't good as it's pretty dark outside.

It consists of backing, batting and two layers. The first one is hand dyed cotton on which I added thermofax printed text. The next layers are chiffong (right) and painted silk organza (left). I added some hand-stiched swirls in silver too.

This is added to Nina-Marie Sayer's Off the Wall Friday then I will continue my project with a Shimmering Quilt.


  1. I'm impressed - a finished piece already! I like the layering.

  2. Your stitching and the design are lovely!

  3. It's lovely, well done :-)

  4. Lovely! Reminds me of a winters night

  5. A quilt finished already. That is impressive! I like the thermofax printing.


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