Another small one

Today we will have our final webinar in PSE Essentials I, Pixeladies' class in Photoshop Elements. I have really enjoyed this class and I'm looking forward to part II starting in one week. I've learned a lot, straighten images, to plan out quilting lines, test cut fabrics among others. I can highly recommend the class!

Besides homework I haven't had time for much quilting but I'll soon finish another small 8"" by 8" quilt with machine- and handstiches. It's made from one of my photos taken in a small town in Österlen in the southern part of Sweden.

I have to show you another picture. It's one of my grandchildren, he called me the other day and asked me to make him a monster-costume from a Lego-picture. He was very happy when he got it and I promised his younger sister to make her a princess dress, but not now as I was very buzy with my class. "OK, let's take it tomorrow", she said. It's lovely being a grandmother.

As it's Friday I'll put a link to Off the Wall Friday where you will find many wonderful quilts.


  1. Charming little piece....really love it!

  2. I'll say it's charming. I love the Osterlen street view.

  3. Lovely piece-especially enjoy the combination of machine and hand stitching. I'm in the PSE class too, but waaaay behind!

  4. I like your little quilt, a lovely idea :-)
    And yes, it's great to be a grandmother!


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