My class in Photoshop Elements I has finished and PSE II will start on Monday. I've made my first quilt from what I've learned - but it was really hard to make all photo adjustments I wanted.

This is also a small one, 8" by 8". It's a cropped and enlarged photo printed on linnen. The upper, golden part has an organza layer (synthetic) and is machine quilted, then I melted the organza and painted with Shiva sticks. The lower green part is first painted with Shiva sticks, then layered organza, machine stiched and melted. Some handstiches around the two dark lines. I'm so happy I took this class, it's really useful for me.

I link to Off the Wall Friday, hope you will take your time to visit the blog!


  1. It's encouraging to see how well you are doing in class....I keep thinking I should jump in and take it.....though I own the full Photoshop...which is so difficult!!

  2. It looks really good Vera. I've only got as far as printing a piece out so far. See you on Monday!

  3. Looks great, I'm thinking I could use that class.

  4. I couldn't function without PPE. It took a long time to learn (and I'm still discovering new things about it many years on), but it is so useful in my art. A class is definitely a good way to learn about it.


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