Dearest Darlings

My quilt "Dearest Darlings" is returned from the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, the Art Quilt competition.

"Dearest Darlings", 36" x 40"
From the Review I could read "Warm intimate quilt with a great use of non conventional materials. Images are very well printed". The quilt is from my series "Mothers", a story about my Grandmother and my Great Grandmother. The top is made of  different kinds of silk. The purple is home dyed raw silk, the teal is another homedyed and painted silk, habotai I think. Upper center part is shantung. There is also an old yellow silk ribbon with silk embroidery and an appliqué with an old flower embroidery. I remember the flower as this was a small running cloth on my Grandma's drawer. Just this little part is left. I've made collages in Photoshop from letters and photos and they have been ink jet printed on cotton or soft linen. Letters are also printed on coccon silk fibers.

Detail, letters and linen lace
Detail with an old embroidery
 It's Friday and I'll link this to Nina Marie's Off the Wall Friday


  1. What a lovely quilt. A pleasure to look at and unique!

  2. What a lovely and sentimental piece to honor your ancestors

  3. I loved this piece. Such a pity that the lighting was so poor in places at FOQ. I tried to get a decent photo of this but yours is so much better.

  4. Really beautiful. Such intimate emotions. Very lovely work.

  5. What an interesting piece of work, and so personal; beautiful :-)


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