Festival of Quilts

I've been in Birmingham, Festival of Quilts, for a couple of days, I learned a lot and have seen many fabulous quilts. On Thursday I took a half day class for Sheena Norquay, "Creative C Curve Borders for Machine Quilting". Here is one of her quilts from the exhibition, unfortunately a bad photo as the quilt hang very low and I had a problem to knee. Her quilt is machine pieced, fabric painted, free motion embroidered and quilted. Hand appliquéd.

Sheena Norquay "Seapinks At Sandwick" (Pictorial)


Here is another amazing pictorial quilt
Lea McComas "Panning for Gold"
Miniature Quilt Winner was Kumiko Frydl with the marvellous quilt "Temptest". Foundation paper pieced, reverse appliquéd. Free motion quilted, machine embroidered on binding.
Kumiko Frydl "Temptest" (photo is cut)
There was also a miniature made by Philippa Naylor, quite interesting as I have only seen her big and very bright colored quilts before. The quilt is machine quilted with hand embrodery additions.
Philippa Naylor "Back to the Garden"

Diversity in Europe Gallery has one quilt selected by a Guild to represent each country and Sweden was represented by Anna-Greta Lindström's "Kurbits"

Anna-Greta Lindström "Kurbits"


EQA Diversity in Europe - Denmark

EQA Diversity in Europe - Norway
I have lots of more to show - Another time.


  1. I love the top quilt, it is absolutely amazing!
    The bottom one is very good too. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. It was lovely to see you again. I'm glad that you enjoyed your time there. Thank you for sharing the photos as I didn't get much time to see the other exhibits.


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