FOQ - again

I took another workshop Barking Up the Right Tree with Bobby Britnell as tutor. She is involved in a Charity Project in Southern Uganda and we were using Bark Cloth which we embellished with handstiches. Bark Cloth is 100% organic fiber. The inner bark of the Mutuba Tree is peeled off from the base and upwards. The tree is then immediately protected by wrapping with freshly picked banana leaves. The bark cloth is soft and very nice to handle. Here are some photos I took from Bobby Britnell's work

Luke Haynes had an exhibition, Clothes Portrait. It's a series of portraits made from the clothing the subject was wearing sitting for the portrait. Some were self portraits.


I also took some photos at an exhibition where ten shortlisted students who have completed City and Guilds Patchwork and Quilting Certificate or Diploma showed their works.

I think I'll stop telling about FOQ now, at least for a while. I also had an art quilt at the exhibition but I found the photo I took wasn't good. I'll take a new one and show you when I've got the quilt back again. It's the same with some of my friends quilts so I'll come back later.

It's Friday so I will post this at Off the Wall Friday, please visit and enjoy.


  1. I went back through the previous posts on FOQ,thanks for sharing your vision of the show.

  2. I love Bobby Britnell's work. Thanks for sharing. All of the work you showed here is very interesting.

  3. I look forward to seeing what you did with the bark cloth.


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