Soft and delicate

 I made a test and printed out my great grandmother's portrait on white silk organza. This is a copy but I had to put the organza towards a gray background when I took the photo. Very soft and delicate! I will use it somehow in a quilt.

One Block Wonder
 My One Block Wonder, quilted by Sybutiken Pastellen is ready for binding. It measures 160 by 228 cm and I have used Philip Jacob's Brassica Gray. Hope to find someone to buy it as I have no bed in appropriate size.
Another ongoing project is Jewel Frames Quilt. I have made 64 blocks with frames and they are now ready for sashing. I have used left-overs from my Shimmering quilts, just bought fabric for the borders and sashing.

By the way, I found an interesting site the other day with lots of patterns Maple Island Quilts, take a look!


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